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Thread: Selling my dang Yoshi 3DSXL + 3DS Stuff

  1. Selling my dang Yoshi 3DSXL + 3DS Stuff

    The Box
    Everything that came in the original box. (AR Cards have been opened, Club Nintendo Code has been used)
    Limited Edition Yoshi 3DSXL
    An AC ADAPTER! (Thanks NOA).
    An Amazon Class 10 4GB SHDC Card
    Looking for $150 plus shipping for just the system and included jams.
    Will not ship until 2/13 when I receive my N3DSXL (Preordered).

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    I'd be happy to autograph it to increase the value exponentially.

  3. I'll allow it.

    $216 with Yoshi's autograph.

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    Kudos for getting the math nerd joke. $215 + 215^0 = $216.

  5. anything increases the value exponentially as long as the value is increased by anything > 0

    I hate that phrase btw, at least most of the time

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    Exactly. Now back to Chux's sales thread!

  7. Dropped price.

  8. Will do $150 for the system.


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