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Thread: Hard Drives

  1. Hard Drives

    I have a number of 2gb and 4gb external drives I need to get rid of. Do any of you have any interest?

    They'll come preloaded with media if you'd like. Get at me soon, this is fairly time sensitive.

  2. Are they USB 3.0?
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  3. Got a 2 and a 4tb drive left. I know I typed gb, but I was baked.

    These are the drives I used to hold and stream media btw.

  4. For four days now I've been trying to wrap my head around what possible use anyone could have for a 2 or 4gb external hard drive.

  5. Storing your mp3 collection from 2002 is about all I can come up with.

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    Hard Drives

    I had 100gb of mp3s in 02.
    I want one, but I don't have the budget for one now. I need to replace my case and power supply first.
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    Whoa, TB is something completely different. How much you want for one?


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