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Thread: Minna de Spelunker Z (PS4)

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    Minna de Spelunker Z (PS4)

    Despite the fact that they are typically disappointing, I am a fan of these cryptic announcements:

    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    Square Enix today launched a teaser site for an upcoming PlayStation 4 game, tentatively titled Project Code Z.

    The focus of the teaser site is on the changing environments seen behind the large "Z" on the center of the page. The Square Enix and PlayStation 4 logos can also be seen, along with a link to the game's official Twitter account.

    The account's sole English Tweet reads, "It was cold outside and so was my mind..."

    According to the site, the game will officially be revealed January 31 at Tokaigi 2015.
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  2. Final Fantasy 26

    this really is the last one

  3. With that title I was worried this was yet another shitty zombie game, but it doesn't look like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    Despite the fact that they are typically disappointing
    Plan on it being Final Fantasy: All the Bravest 2 and anything they could possibly announce would immediately be an improvement.

  4. Does that mean his mind was outside or his mind was cold?

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    Well, I called the disappointing part:

    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    Over the weekend, Square Enix unveiled the mysterious PlayStation 4 game Project Code Z as Minna de Spelunker Z.

    Coming to Japan March 19 as a free-to-play game for PlayStation 4, Spelunker Z includes six-player online multiplayer, character customization, and, for the first time in the series, pets, according to Famitsu (translated by Gematsu). Being free-to-play, certain items will be available to purchase using real-world currencies.

    For those unfamiliar with the series, the original Spelunker was released in 1983. The 2D platformer later came to PlayStation 3 as the reimagined Spelunker HD, and went on to inspire games such as Spelunky.

    Spelunker Z is being developed by Tozai Games, which also worked on the last entry in the series.

    The Project Code Z teaser site now leads to the official site for Spelunker Z.

  6. yeah but





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    Spelunker HD was quite good but the free to play model will probably ruin this new one.

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    I came in thinking this might be another Spelunky game. Disappointment ensued.

  9. Apparently the western version of this game isn't as good

    because it doesn't scream ZED

    i seriously want to play this though.

    [edit] Here's a thing on it:
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