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  2. The Grand Theft Auto games come to mind.

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    All of the Souls games have killer environments that I have spent time wandering around in and had a blast doing just that. Skyrim for sure, some of the best times were just out in the open with random events. Fallout 3 definitely. The recent Tomb Raider game had some really good sets too.

  4. Just Cause 2, obviously.

  5. Xenoblade would be one of the more recent ones, world was huge and varied.

    The Dreamcast was probably the system where 3D environments were realized enough to promote wandering. Absolutely loved the levels in PSO no matter the number of playthroughs and I was consistently firing up MSR to see the tracks at different times of day.

  6. I thought this was going to be about wasting hours on Google Maps

  7. bulletstorm

  8. Kyrat in Far Cry 4. That game looks fantastic.

  9. Does Shadow of the Colossus count?

  10. I had fun exploring the world of Dragon's Dogma. Skyrim is obviously on the list as well.


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