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Thread: LEGO Games Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    You should just hold out for Mega Bloks Universe.

    I hear the pieces are compatible.
    Please, Mega Blocks are superior!
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    For anyone interested, the Dimensions packs are included in Target's B2G1 this week. I'm debating getting three of the four I want (Portal, Scooby, Back to the Future and Jurassic World) and not opening them until after Black Friday, just in case. I'm hoping the starter pack will be on sale at BBY too.

  3. TRU has them buy one get one 40% off until the 20th.

    I got Dimensions for the boy back on Oct. 17th. Haven't been able to play it at all, since one of the figure discs doesn't register on the pad. Spent all that time attempting to communicate with WB Games CS. They just shipped a replacement disc yesterday, with an estimated 7-10 day arrival. Hope the game is good, haha.
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  5. That actually looks really really good, too bad no gameplay was shown.
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    I am not sure I like this, but it also has additional canon story, such as the origin of C-3PO's red arm. Granted, it's not the exclusive source, but this multimedia blitz is getting a bit ridiculous.

  7. More interestingly! i came across a website online about the LEGO Marbel's Avengers Game, you should checkout this

  8. no one cares about your sexual kinks.

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    Marbel? How cute. It's these little human touches which make it so endearing.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    no one cares about your sexual kinks.
    this is just so unbelievable!


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