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Thread: Better Call Saul

  1. Well, he does disappear after BB, and afaik Kim doesn't even get mentioned in BB proper, does she? You'd think Francesca would say something.

  2. Finally caught up on Better Call Saul. What with one thing and another I didn't get to see the series as it went up, so a friend and I have been watching an episode here and there until we finally got current. No tv show I'm aware of can pull off the slow pacing this show makes look completely effortless.

    The last scam of the season with Irene was the first legitimately cruel thing I think Jimmy has done. I also like how completely unlike Walter White Jimmy is in that, once he realized Irene's friends were done with her he took the full hit to fix things. He's toxic but not unaware, and the remorse he feels seems real rather than put on for show.

  3. I enjoy the way Vince Gilligan tells stories. You can tell they spend a lot of time editing the story and choosing the music accompanying each scene. The characters are usually a great mix of kind, sympathetic and cruel. Not unusual for a TV show these days, but executed extremely well.
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