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Thread: Better Call Saul

  1. yeahhhh idk, I disagree with most above. I think it's a consistently brilliant show - maybe not the best on tv ever - but I don't feel like it's lacking. Most people I've met don't have the patience for it, even hardcore BB fans. The only thing I'm hoping is that Vince & Co. don't just make it mindlessly tragic because BB was tragic. I knew they were gonna off the German guy, but I'm hoping that Kim doesn't die in a gun blaze or something just because main character and main character dies. I would really like to see her make it out of this alive. So far though, they've treated all major character stuff superbly, and i have very few complaints about the show.
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  2. I introduced my kids to a scifi classic last night, and geeked out a bit when this young dude showed up. I had no idea he was in Buckaroo Banzai.

  3. Kim was secretly a serial killer in Nebraska. Just you wait.

  4. My in progress thought on the future is that near the end of this show, Saul helps Kim do another scam to push something she (thinks) needs. It's real elaborate and it goes horribly wrong. Kim has to make a run for it and Saul helps her hide and get a new identity. At the end of BB, with his whole life now tits up he's in the same position and goes to wherever she is to hide too.

  5. My pet theory is that Saul ran without being able to leave word to Kim, so it's her people hunting him in the present. I in no way expect this to be true but am kind of hoping for it anyway.


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