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Thread: Better Call Saul

  1. Sats, explain this crazy woman to us.

  2. I was thinking it had something to do with one spouse not being compelled to testify against the other, but I don't think that would apply.

  3. I think the show will end with present day Jimmy dying somehow and past Jimmy sitting in his gawdy Breaking Bad office and Walt walking in.

    I think Kim saying getting married is that she loves him and the only way to trust him is for them to go all in.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rumpy View Post
    Sats, explain this crazy woman to us.
    I think itís a legal thing as well, bc the show prides itself on the twisty turns of the law. However, I think itís also sort of like, if they are married, they are both going down if Jimmy pulls shit. He canít just throw her under the bus and claim itís bc he loves her, because heíd go down too. Theyíd be intrinsically tied - and this goes for her as well. The thrill of the scam would have to not impact the other partner. Itís all or nothing, baby!
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  5. Well, what do you know? It was the testify thing.

  6. Fuck, Lalo is a scary dude even when he isn't doing anything. Jimmy tells him his motto Justice Matters Most when Lalo sees the monogram on his briefcase and Lalo says nah, try Just Make Money. Couldn't be any more fitting for Saul Goodman.

    I don't think that the wedding could have been any more awkward, the whole scene was almost entirely acted with body language. But later on when Kevin basically shits on her for her choice of man (well, he is right) it makes her so mad she turns back and dunks on his obnoxious ass. It'll be a crime if Reah Seehorn doesn't get awards for this.

    Topped off with Jimmy's full scale freakout on Howard at the end, amazing episode. Saul is coming out of Jimmy more and more, he's having a hard time controlling it now, it's getting really easy for him to do it.

  7. Jimmy's rant at the end was amazing.

  8. The last few eps have been superb. I may like this more than Breaking Bad. If final season can stick the landing now.
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  9. I wasn't sure if Kim was being serious or she is somehow "testing" Jimmy.

    Lalo is about to go nuclear.

  10. Kim threw me for like 6 loops, that whole final scene in the hotel room was something else. The way she starts talking to Jimmy about Howard was the first. I wasn't sure why she brought him up like that. I thought she was testing Jimmy to see where his boundaries really were. It seemed like she had come to an ultimatum and wanted to know what path to take then and there. And then she gets really gung-ho about it. So then it's...oh shit she's been around Saul too much. Siding with Jimmy over Howard is understandable since she knows Howard well. Their last convo was like everything she hated in life rolled into one (her fight against the patriarchy was with Kevin this season, so Howard running his mouth was some wartime flashbacks) and it brought her to another boiling point. Marrying Jimmy put her into the ride or die category too. And the finger guns! Something that would normally be so simple and just a basic character action is loaded to the fucking teeth!

    She's been compromising her ethics so much--letting so much slide--that the grift has started to take over. Started probably isn't the right word anymore, she's legit scheming now. She wanted to do everything the right way and when Saul tramples through all that AND gets results, she can't find an answer to "why am I doing this" anymore. It'll be interesting to see how she manages the new workload she picked up.

    Oh, yeah, and the South is fucking coming back with a vengeance, good lord. I hope the wait for the last season isn't too long.


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