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Thread: Famicom Interest Check

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    I sat down and priced each item and made an offer on the lot and the lot minus what ssjn wanted.

    Yoshi you are free to make a counter offer.

  2. Im more interested in the games than the system. I have one already, but it's the red one with the 3 foot controller cords. I'd sell mine if I got Yoshi's to offset the cost.

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    I'm interested in either Yoshi's or SSJN's system, depending on how it goes. Let me know how it all falls out.
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  4. SSJN how much would you be looking to sell yours for if you bought Yoshi's?

    *edit* damn Mzo beat me by a minute, I should have wasted time looking up different models of Famicoms.
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    For the record, I haven't responded to anyone because I haven't had a chance to price stuff yet.

    edit: I am curious where buttplant priced the list, based on his offer.
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    Ebay completed auctions.

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    Did you take shipping into account, since about 90% of those are from Japan?

  8. But they're not coming from japan anymore!

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    I wish this had kept updating after 2012: That made life so much easier with regard to completed auctions, though he never did hardware or discs.

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    Don't forget you'd lose about 10% in eBay fees.
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