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Thread: Famicom Interest Check

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    making me look up the prices and buying the whole damn lot, discount.

    If wanted to name his own prices, or break it up for just the items each person wanted the most, I'd pay more.
    This is a fair response. It might not be what he was looking for, but that's what happens when you are asked to make an offer.

  2. He seems to have taken the lowest of the low end prices on some (most) of that stuff.
    $325 would be a fair price just for the Famicom twin, Crisis force, holy diver, and a Castlevania or two.
    As a re-seller I'd be embarrassed to make that offer.
    But I'm not IP.
    And I do prefer it when the seller lists what they want.

  3. I can see why 325 wouldn't be considered a fair price. I bet if you offered him 450 - 500 he would have been more receptive, though maybe he'd think 500 was low balling too. You still get a TNL discount though at 500. I've never expected a TNL discount to be half an items going rate.
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    I just can't imagine myself offering someone on a forum 50% of what I thought the market price was for a bundle. 20-25% off, sure. I might even try 30% as a starting point, and that gets us to about where John is. That would have gotten consideration and at least a counter-offer.

    The other issue is the original prices though. No one can buy those individual games for those prices. If they are in the US, there is a premium. Just search ebay for "US seller," and you'll see it. If they're in Japan, they'd require shipping, even if it's just $50-75 for a huge box. You can't just wish away both the premium and the shipping and claim it's because you don't believe in sunk costs, since that's not even what it is.

    I almost asked him bluntly if it was his prices that were screwed up or if he was just taking the Rick Harrison buying from a strung out druggie discount. It's more the latter than the former, but it's really both. That's his prerogative, but I expect better from TNL, just like you would all expect better if I came in here looking for top ebay dollar, which I never have in several sales threads.

    edit: If there is genuine interest, I'll do this right and post pictures and the whole nine yards. Keep in mind this is an interest check thread for now. Otherwise, I'll work with SSJN on a smaller deal.
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    I expect to not spend an hour of my life researching a price so I can hand over $500-$700 to someone. There are about 48 items in that list. How long do you think it took me to research that?

    Normally when someone hasn't spent the first second to determine a price, they don't give two flips and they just want the shit gone.

  6. I am conflicted because both IP and Yoshi are right. You guys should just meet in the middle if Yoshi just want to get rid of it

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    I finally got a chance to go through everything and send both guys quotes. I quoted buttplant a 30% discount on the stuff SSJN didn't want, though my base was a bit higher than his, due in part to condition. That number included shipping as well.

  8. Ignore my PM. I forgot my offer included the famicom twin, which means selling mine would offset the cost.
    I'm still in.

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