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Thread: Skycurser (JAMMA)

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    Skycurser (JAMMA)

    Official site

    The ship looks way too big, but JAMMA development in 2015 is pretty amazing. Make sure you read the fine print during gameplay. I especially like the ~1:30 mark.

  2. I wonder what the actual hardware platform is. JAMMA is just a standard for the interface harness.

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    Right. Honestly, I half expect it to be a Raspberry Pi with a JAMMA connector on it.

  4. I don't think it looks that good

  5. Yeah, this doesn't really look very good. It kind of reminds me of like a prettier version of Gates of Zendecon.

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    I still think Zendocon's underrated. I love the Defender style laser and the music. This Skycurser video did make me think of it, too, but it's just for the enemy designs. It doesn't appear to play that similarly.

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    I had Lynx flashbacks from the size of everything on the screen. Skycurser looks like you could play it on a portable and see everything.

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    Also, they plan to reduce the ship sprite size by 25%, which is a welcome change.

    edit: The "Neo Geo Exclusive" refers to where the video was posted not the platform.

  9. JAMMA? They have my curiosity.

  10. This looks dreadful. These guys haven't given much thought to enemy placement (a fifth wave of 'eyeballs on top, eyeballs on bottom?' ok!) or really anything aside from animation. That shotgun has a random looking AOE and does not look fun at all.


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