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Thread: HDMI switches and audio options

  1. HDMI switches and audio options

    I am at the point now where I need to rethink my setup. Right now, I have a TV and a PC monitor with a total of 4 HDMI inputs and I have 6 things to plug into them, and I have different audio solutions for each (use the TV for the WiiU, use the Pulse Elites for the PS3/4, other stuff for Xbox...). Sometimes I want to play on the TV, sometimes on the PC monitor, so it's kind of a hassle.

    I am thinking of getting a 6(or 8)x1(-2 preferred) HDMI switch so I can avoid the re-arrangement. And since I prefer to use headphones, I can either get a switch that has optical out (this seems less common) and run it into my PC (which I do sometimes) or buy a receiver and hook a set of headphones to that.

    Anyone have a similar setup to that, and if so, what components did you buy?

  2. Just get a receiver. Switches are ghetto.

  3. My TV has 4 HDMI In's and an Out. My receiver has 4 HDMI in's and an out.

    What all do you have hooked up? PS3/4 X360/1 Wii and PC?

    Fake Edit: Oh shit, it's 2 between 2 items.

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    MY tv has 3 in, my receiver has 4 in.
    I have PC/Cable/ps4/xbox1/wiiu/ps3/360/ and one loose hanging.
    I use a three input auto switcher because fuck trying to tell people (read: the ladies in the house) what tv input is for what and fuck doing the same with the receiver. The stuff that gets used the most (cable/tower/ps4) is on the switcher and goes through the main input on the receiver and hdmi 1 of the tv. All they have to do is turn on the components they want to use and bam, it's there. I used to have a harmony remote that was programmed to handle everything hooked up at that time, but no one (read: the ladies in the house) ever used it.
    Everything else only gets used by me or my son, so it doesn't matter what inputs they're under, our male brains can figure it out.

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    lol Holy shit can I relate to that.

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    I have the Monoprice 4 port switch with audio, and it works great but you have to remember that if you use the optical into the receiver you can't get lossless audio from 5+ channel sources. Also, it sometimes doesn't decode correctly from certain sources, I had to set the Wii U to stereo because with the switch it wouldn't send center channel audio through the switch. The PS3 and 4 are fine though.

    Also, you need some good hdmi cables with the switches, 28 gauge cables cause them to screw up. You don't have to buy expensive ones, I use the $5 ones from Amazon, you just can't use the super cheap dollar store cables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    Just get a receiver. Switches are ghetto.
    Probably the best advice.

  8. Those of you using the switches any input lag when gaming or anything like that?

    My receiver has 4 inputs, and while the TV has 3 I don't run any audio through the TV at all so it may as well have 1. That said I've got 7 or 8 HDMI things to plug in, and I'm considering getting a switch.
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    No lag here, other than from the devices themselves.

  10. I didn't want to start a new thread, since my question is kind of related.

    I want to play my laptop on my HDTV, but the TV doesn't have a VGA input. I've seen cables on eBay that will allow my to use an HDMI input, but that's only video, right? Do I need something separate for audio or will a single cable suffice? I've also seen little boxes that have AC adapters:

    Which is the easiest route? I'm new to the whole Master Race thing, and I want to play my Steam, GOG, and emulation on my TV.


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