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Thread: Star Wars: Rogue One (2016)

  1. I remember it was an awesome movie, and that y'all are being hypercritical jerks.
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  2. Sturr Wers
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    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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  3. When it hits Netflix I'll give it a revisit.

  4. Finally saw this. Vader is a bad motherfucker for, like, 30 seconds at the end. Worth it for that.

    Zombie Peter Cushing was pretty cool, but Princess Botox maybe not so much.
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  5. I kind thought it was the opposite. Tarkin was usually in scenes with several real actors, so the CG was more jarring.
    There were a couple of weak moments, but nothing serious.
    I wonder how different the original cut would have been, considering how they supposedly made it less grim.

  6. I didn't think it looked that bad on dude. My brain kept telling me it was fake, but my eyes didn't mind so much.

    Princess looked like butt.
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