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Thread: Star Wars: Episode VIII (2017)

  1. Seeing this Tuesday, and literally cannot wait. Hearing so many good things.

  2. I think it's pretty funny how Rian Johnson just said "fuck all that" to every seed of mystery JJ Abrams planted in TFA (for the next guy to decide what they would actually end up meaning) regarding Rey's background. Mystery parents? Fuck you, they were just regular old junkies who sold their kid for space crack. Weird lightsaber-induced psychic vision and unprecedented proficiency with the Force for someone with no training? It just sorta happened, no reason.

    That aside, it does some very cool stylistic things that... I wouldn't go so far as to say feel out of place, but are pretty different from what you expect out of the look and feel of a Star Wars movie. The super-closeup nature shots to convey what Rey's experiencing when Luke has her reach out to her surroundings through the Force, for example.

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  3. So I really liked the movie but yet I’m really disappointed with it. I guess what I was looking forward to seeing and questions getting answered kinda sucked.
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  4. Are there any more mysterious instant baked goods?
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  5. Yeah I left the theater pretty disappointed with this. There were a few cool bits, but overall it just didn't do anything for me. Like the moogle I wanted some stuff answered and instead of getting good answers, we either got threads completely dropped or shitty answers. I feel like Rian was basically giving a big middle finger to long time fans and JJ Abrams with this.
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  6. The impressions I'm seeing of the movie ruining star wars and being a middle finger to the fans are getting me hype.

  7. I agree with most of you that saw it. I liked the movie, it was great actually. But it’s also pretty disappointing. Odd.
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  8. The Force Awakens was okay, both as its own movie and as a Star Wars film. Flawed but okay. This feels like it was more satisfying but I'll need to watch again to be certain. Leaps and bounds better than Force Awakens for me. Still flawed.

    I haven't read any reviews so my guess is that anyone not feeling the movie disliked all of the things I liked:

    - Snoke, the red herring
    - Ben taking the reins and doing so essentially just because he can
    - Rey's parents, the red herrings
    - Phasma, the unimpressive
    - Luke's departure style
    - Where they are going with the Force (midichlorians are cancelled out now?) especially Broom Kid
    - Rey and the Mirror of Erised, and the implications this has for the "dark side" and Ben's future

    My guess could be entirely wrong.

    Stuff that I didn't like:

    - Leia, the invincible (that was lame as fuck, but I still shouted, "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all")
    - The entirely unnecessary Disney Abu Dhabi theme park ride in the middle of the film
    - The entirely unnecessary "escape pods ... oh wait mutiny ... oh wait, no, we're back to escape pods" thing*
    - Also, couldn't Holdo have been Ackbar? We will likely get a spinoff of younger Holdo & Leia hanging out to lend some weight but still
    - My eternal complaint: People living through shit they shouldn't be able to live through; most especially Finn and the battering ram AND Rose crashing into him
    - Spinal Tapping the danger/hopelessness as a substitute for actual conflict; particularly when the scene with Snoke/Kylo/Rey was working on its own

    * Tangentially related: That "godspeed" line has been bothering the shit out of me all day and I'm not sure why.
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  9. Maybe because aside from The Force Star War (at least as far as I remember of the films) has no religious overtones* despite containing a billion races so if Luke said god bless you after Han sneezed it would feel out of place?
    *which is another reason why the star wars universe is so shallow.

  10. The Ithorians (hammerhead guy from the cantina) have a nature religion that's only tangentially related to the Force iirc. I'm sure 20 years ago I could have told you the name of their prophet and the major tenets of the faith.

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