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Thread: Nintendo Switch (Official Thread)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    .25 Cent Game Reviews

    "Street Fighter 2: basically impossible why would you play this."
    "Pinball: i got to use the flippers three times before i lost, this is terrible"
    "Virtual On 2: I only used the left stick and couldn't figure out what the right one was for. 0/10."
    "Street Fighter: The Movie: Graphics are so much better, this game is awesome!"

  2. TNL showing its true nature.

    So this punching game will probably be great based on who thinks it looks good/ doesn't look good

  3. I'll get Zorba on Wii U, and a Switch when New Donk City comes out.
    Arms looks neat, but not $60 neat. Bombmermang is like $30 cool, and... yeah.

    Maybe my opinion will change when I play with the jam in feb.

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