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Thread: Nintendo Switch (Official Thread)

  1. So if I was gonna get just one of the Neo Geo fighters on this thing, what's the one to get? I've never been much into SNK games (the only ones that get any nostalgia points with me are Samurai Shodown and World Heroes, because they were in an arcade cabinet in the office at a camp ground we went to every few months when I was a kid), but I want a (traditional) fighter, I'm sick of waiting for Pocket Rumble (especially now that the devs have gone silent), and no way in hell am I paying $40 for the $15 XBLA version of Super Street Fighter II just because it's on Switch now.
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    If Garou is on there, that's probably the best pick. KoF 98 or 2002 would be next for things likely to be on there.

    If you're nostalgic for SamSho, IV is on there and pretty good, but it's certainly not II.

  3. What Yoshi said, Garou, KOF98, then SS4. World Heroes Perfect is a fun but not serious, and stay away from Fatal Fury.

  4. Garou is so fucking good.
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    Not a fighter, but you need Neo Turf Masters. It's such a great portable game.

  6. Nintendo Switch (Official Thread)

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    Awright. I'm posting this. I'm trying to start a video series. I made an episode about Cave Story.

    Feedback welcome! (I know the lighting isn't great and I keep looking off camera too much.)
    I got a great idea for you. Go through all Batman games and talk about them.

  7. thanks y'all, for all the feedback! (all of it, really. I know how rough and potentially uninteresting this is.) and, to be honest, I almost scrapped this episode entirely because I wasn't convinced I was saying anything really interesting about the game. But it was almost done already so I said fuck it, it's just a prototype episode.

    Agreed 100% on the lighting, and I've gotten a lot of feedback about the eye contact thing too, so it's definitely a priority going forward.

    The idea for the series is that some episodes are going to be about more traditionally geeky things like video games and VR and board games and then other episodes are gonna be about not-traditionally geeky things. Use (hopefully!) the audience buildup around tech, nerdy, and entertainment stuff to shine a light on outdoors/nature stuff, lesser-known musicians, homebrewing, food, who knows. Since I'm not a huge expert, the idea is to be interviewing a lot of people who know more stuff than I do and film the actual activities, mini documentary style.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Toupee View Post
    Agreed 100% on the lighting, and I've gotten a lot of feedback about the eye contact thing too, so it's definitely a priority going forward.
    My suggestion on this is do not write out a full word for word script, just make an outline to keep your direction on what you want to talk about and go from there. You may need a few more takes and editing to get it perfect but it makes it much more natural and allows you to keep the eye contact on the camera.
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  9. Just got a Switch this week and didn't have to buy a silly bundle(thanks Amazon Prime). I got Puyo Puyo Tetris, Arms and Fast RMX. Got a pro controller and I'm happy with it. It'll probably end up being a Splatoon machine but that's ok with me. Didn't realize that this was a Neo Geo in disguise, either. Garou and SS4 will be mine as well!

    Also, my kid DESTROYS me in Arms. She looked at me and said, "I've been waiting for this game dad... " LOL!

  10. KOF'98 over Garou, but both are worth owning. SamSho IV isn't really worth the $8. Save that money for SamSho II, which has to be coming at some point (I think original SamSho is supposed to hit soon).
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