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Thread: Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite (Official Thread)

  1. Whatís wrong with getting the pro controller other than the price? Itís the best controller Nintendoís made since the snes
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  2. It's the price.

  3. Seen it on sale several times at under $50. It is on par with other systems and worth it.

  4. Iíve noticed the ghost inputs on the d pad a few times while playing strikers.

  5. Are they maybe coming from the analog stick wandering?
    I've had good experiences with Hori's dpads over the years, but their analog sticks seem like typical third-party crap.

  6. I just got the pad in. This is a nice controller for $20. The dpad feels good, but something is funky with the way it's read. I only tried it with my game so far and right is right, up is left, other directions do nothing.

    It's using a different axis than xbox and ps controllers, going to have to look into it.

  7. It also smells great.

  8. Is this a bar-top arcade game... FOR ANTS
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  9. This is important.

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