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Thread: It's a good night to look up- Northern Lights

  1. It's a good night to look up- Northern Lights

    Just a heads-up for anyone who hasn't heard- the northern lights are supposed to put on a major display in the US tonight and odds are just about anywhere should get some kind of show. I was just outside a short while ago and there's nothing yet around here, but I'm hoping for a good display at some point tonight.


  2. Bah! False alarm, lots of promises and zero delivery. Who organizes these things anyway?

  3. Hippies, mostly.

  4. Go play outside, Calvin. It'll build character.

  5. haha

    you suck

  6. I figured the dense clouds would wreck it here anyway.

  7. #7
    At least we didn't all die.

  8. #8
    I was mad when i saw this thread this morning because I forgot about it last night.
    Guess I didnt miss anything?

  9. I see the northern lights once in awhile when I'm walking the dog. I always liked the red ones over the green.
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  10. Another good probability of northern lights tonight for anyone living around here-

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