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Thread: Steven Spielberg To Direct Ready Player One

  1. Steven Spielberg To Direct Ready Player One

    Steven Spielberg is set to direct Ready Player One, the highly anticipated project based on the popular sci-fi book by Ernest Cline that takes place in a virtual world. What a coup for Warner Bros, which will bring it to the screen along with Village Roadshow. This is expected to be Spielberg’s next movie after The BFG.

    Should be interesting to see how they deal with acquiring all the rights to a lot of the assets.

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  2. Welp, my interest level has been raised.
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  3. Ready Player One - The Movie: Better Than Pixels
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by bbobb View Post
    Welp, my interest level has been raised.
    Why? Spielberg hasn't put out a good movie in decades.

  5. I wish this book were banned.

    Maybe the movie will be good.

  6. it's been done

  7. Spielberg is one of the few people who may be able to get a hold of the rights for a lot of what was referenced in the book.
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  8. He better. What the heck would be left to adapt without references to trademarked properties?

  9. I just finished the book. Complain about the over-reliance on references all you want, but if they can actually get the rights in place to put Japanese Spider-Man's giant robot vs Mechagodzilla, immediately followed by Ultra-Man vs Mechagodzilla on first-run movie screens across the country, this will be the greatest movie ever, nay, the very pinnacle of human artistic achievement.

    (And hey, if Toho decide to be jerks about it, they could actually improve on the novel by seeing if they can get the Dragonzord instead.)

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  10. You think they're jerks? Saban is no better.


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