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Thread: I'm thinking that I may have destroyed the Devil's Canyon.

  1. I'm thinking that I may have destroyed the Devil's Canyon.

    I'm thinking that I may have a defective i7-4790k. I had it over-clocked to 4.7 Ghz on just 1.3 volts and the temps never exceeded 80c. Just 3 short weeks after getting the new setup running smooth, the computer turned off (last Saturday) while I was tweaking some settings in bios. I unplugged the power cable, let it sit for a minute and then plugged it back in. When I hit the power button, the fans make a slight turn and I hear the power supply shunt kicking in to turn off the 12 volt rail. I tried the power supply with my i5 rig and it worked fine. Everything checked out fine with the new motherboard and it would power up when I didn't have the 12v header for the CPU plugged in. Once I plug in the 12 EATX plug, the PSU shunts the power every time and it did the same with my 750 watt PSU. I thought it might be the motherboard, so I picked up another Asus Z87-WS board that was on clearance at Microcenter for $80. I get the same results. I've tried different RAM, with 1 stick and still the same.

    Am I missing something, or did I just get a dud CPU?

    My only other option (at this point) would be to pick up a cheap Pentium for $50 from Microcenter, to see if the computer will come up with that. I'd hate to RMA perfectly good i7-4790k (it was a pretty golden sample) only to find out that the CPU wasn't the problem.
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  2. I opened up an RMA with Intel.

  3. I decided to pick up the Anniversary Edition Pentium CPU today for $50 from Microcenter. I tried to use it with my second Asus Z87-WS motherboard, but my PSU shut it down. I took that board back to Microcenter for a refund and picked up an Asus Z97-Pro. Everything seemed to work fine, so I decided to put the i7-4790k on the board to test it out. The 4790k fried the board. I'm going to get a refund on the board and possibly the (Pentium) CPU, and I plan on shipping back the 4790k to Intel for a replacement. I wouldn't suggest using DDR3 memory that uses over 1.5 volts, as I'm thinking that the 2133 Mhz Kingston RAM that I had put in my rig was the reason why the 4790k died.

  4. I've been running my rig with an Asus Z97-AR board for a little over a week with the Pentium G3258. The board has been pretty stable, so I plan on using it with the 4790k until I can get a warranty replacement Z87-WS board from Asus.

    My replacement i7-4790k arrived in the mail today. I'm hoping I didn't get a dud that some asshole had sent in, because the chip wouldn't overclock past 4.5 Ghz. That would suck, considering that I was able to hit 4.7 Ghz on the 4790k I had, before it went south.

    Intel support really cracked my up. I was working with a guy name Marvin. He'd ask me what parts (board, ram, etc.) I was using, even though all of that was clearly in the RMA ticket. I'd sent a question in about the status of my CPU, since it was delivered to Intel back on the 8th. Marvin asked for a tracking#, which really started to make me nervous about the box being delivered to them. He should have known (somehow) that my replacement CPU was already in transit.
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  5. I installed the 4790k in my PC this evening. I was a bit nervous at first, because it was not running stable. I decided to manually enter in the voltages, RAM speed and multiplier. It's now running stable at 4.6 Ghz.


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