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    Even if you could, the people that made Bloodlines probably aren't there to benefit from it, anyway.
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    I'm sure that's true.

  3. Bye, Bye Miiverse.

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    I don't even know how to do this justice. Just click on it.

  5. I am literally without speech.

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    Better than Chinese children getting cancer by burning it with gas to get the gold out, I suppose.

  7. I can absolutely understand the desire to have one. It's akin to having a prop sword mounted on your wall that was used in a Lord of the Rings movie, or something like that. And unlike a movie prop collectible, people have strong personal ties to these. A lot of people spent a good number of years on these things, met friends, met spouses, etc.

    I would never buy one because I'm a broke bastard and there are a million other things I'd rather have. But I do get it.

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    Oh, I get it. I own a crew jacket for each short circuit film. I don't think I can understate just how much of an impact those two movies had on me as a kid. From liking robots and computers, to developing an early sense of humor, to even buying sonic 1 because of the robots with treads.

    If I wasn't building a tank, I'd be building a Johnny. I can say that with certainty.

    But, I guess the joke is for anyone viewing from the sidelines is that the game was never actually on those cards. If you understand the concept of computing, those cards are more like a road or car builder. They got the car to you, but they are not the car.

    I understand though. Its the same reason I'll probably never sell my original sega gen games. I might sell any of them I found after the age of 20. But not the ones I had while in middle school. Sure, those carts aren't really the games. The games are out in the world now for me to play wherever and however I want.


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