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Thread: Random Gaming News

  1. Just saw this - if there was ever a closure that felt unfair, this is it.

    Plus, Perfect World reduced Motiga down to a skeleton crew. They made Gigantic which has been the only multiplayer game I've been into aside from Overwatch. Great art design, and fun objective-based, not-quite-MOBA-ish gameplay.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  2. Polygon is making a top 500 games list. A Kim Kardashian phone game has already beaten Zelda 2 and Ninja Gaiden. Some heads gonna asplode.

  3. There aren't 500 good games. Tim Rogers was right.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    There aren't 500 good games. Tim Rogers was right.
    That's probably accurate.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    I could probably come up with 500 games I like. I'm sure Polygon's list will be as bad as that '1001 Games You Must Play Before You Die' book. Okay, maybe not that bad.
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    If you included every system ever, including arcade, there are probably 500. Like the ps2 would probably have 50 to 100 alone.

  7. This is one top games list I can see Mario 64 being on

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    Game choices aside, the writing in that Polygon list is already bugging me.
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    After co-inventing the side-scrolling platformer with Ghosts ’N Goblins
    Someone should tell them that side-scrolling platformers existed before GnG and SMB (I will on their site once they activate me). You can't really co-invent a genre if it's already established by several games. Jump Bug, Jungle Hunt, Snokie, Atari Aztec Challenge, Dragon Buster, Pac-Land, Flicky, Legend of Kage, etc. all predate these.

  9. It is just lazy writing without much historical perspective or research. I wouldn't bother.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    There aren't 500 good games. Tim Rogers was right.
    Tim Rogers is never right.

    And I’m still angry that neither you nor Mzo punched him in the dick.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.


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