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Thread: Etrian Mystery Dungeon: Mystery of the Tutturu Sonic Warrior (3DS)

  1. Etrian Mystery Dungeon: Mystery of the Tutturu Sonic Warrior (3DS)

    I don't think anyone made a thread. I can't tell because search doesn't even work anymore.

    Anyway, it's Etrian and it's a Mystery Dungeon. Here's the video:



  2. I'm 95% sure there was a thread, and you posted in it.

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  3. I can't find it, and i'm going back to 2013 threads so i don't think there is. There are just a lot of Etrian games. I made the EOU2 thread a Etrian Mystery Dungeon thread for a bit but i changed it. It needs its own thread.

    This is a weird game. Having party members in a mystery dungeon is a weird thing and it's weird not drawing maps in Etrian and it's weird that everything is randomly generated


  4. Ill get this!..


    I still need to finish EO4, then both remakes. :/

    Looks neat though.

  5. Ordered mine from Crunchyroll. Hopefully it ships sometime soon.
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    Is it dope?

  7. Anyone else end up giving this a try? I got it cheap a while back and am just dipping my toes in today. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but the party AI is horrible. It passes up free attacks, especially ranged attacks, for no apparent reason. And some of these early skills seem broken. I can bind a whole room for five turns with a level one hexer? This doesn't seem like something a difficult series licensing out another difficult series should let me do!

    But the music is nice and the characters are cute.
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    I love the soundtrack. I haven't played deep enough into it at all to truly judge but it feels a lot more cumbersome than other Mystery Dungeon games while adding little. It wasn't bad, but didn't hold my interest long.
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  9. I love the EO games. Played and completed the first 4 with varying amounts of post game content.

    This game... ehhhhhh.

    Really wanted to love it. Played it for maybe tenish hours. Just did not grab me, despite loving the universe/music/design.

  10. If you think about how many new mechanics the same olé 1993 Torneko game has been able to accommodate with success over the past 20+ years, it's pretty remarkable. But four-person parties just doesn't seem to be one. Enemies meet you right at the entrance to a room too often for most of your party to have an opportunity to do something. And when that opportunity comes, they don't take it.

    It's fun in a trashy kind of way, though. Kept me up past my bedtime.


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