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Thread: Monster Hunter Stories (3DS), the new turn-based Monster Hunter RPG

  1. Gematsu article loaded with Monster Hunter Stories details, including characters, the story, and the turn-based battle system. There's too much to quote, check it out when you have a chance.

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    Great stuff. The game will reportedly be playable at TGS which is less than two weeks away, so hopefully we'll see and hear more about it then.

  2. That looks great, but how are those 3DS screenshots?

  3. It's called effort. Foreign concept to 3DS/Vita development these days.

    EDIT- good use of color and art style can make all the difference, truthfully it doesn't look much more complex than Zack and Wiki Wii. Capcom actually rocks some decent 3DS engines and if they opt out of 3D there should be plenty of horsepower.
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  4. They're at way higher resolution than a 3DS game. Capcom is the single best company at squeezing the 3DS for all its worth, so I know it'll look good, it's just weird they're using something that clearly wasn't taken from a 3DS.

  5. It's cleaner to be sure but the awful resolution of 3DS doesn't translate well to marketing materials.

  6. TGS trailers for Monster Hunter Stories, the former delivers a good deal of new footage of the game in action and the latter showcases some of the remarkable environments:

  7. #19
    fuck this game. if this comes out before any iteration of MHX ima cut a mutha fucka.

  8. God damn this looks good! This needs to come stateside soon.


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