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Thread: The Official Health and Hygiene Thread.

  1. The Official Health and Hygiene Thread.

    Since we are all old as shit now, every other thread degenerates into an episode the The Doctors. HOWEVER! Some of the things being discussed are fairly helpful.
    Things such as:
    How to shave like a man
    How to anal cleanse before a big date
    How to temporarily erase crows eyes
    How to wipe your baby daughter (front to back!)

    I've recently discovered the magical deodorant crystal. I gave up antiperspirant years ago partially because of the Alzheimer scare and partially because I don't see the wisdom in trying to retard a bodily function that evolution has built into me. Problem is that I've severely tender armpits and I couldn't find a deodorant that didn't irritate the crap out of my pits. I read about the crystal in a health class and decided to give it a shot. It really works! I sweat like I'm supposed to, but there's no odor to it. The downsides as I've found is that you can sweat it all away, but that's common to all deodorants (and you have to be strenuously sweating for it to happen), and you can't just do a few swipes like you would with a normal stick or roll on. You either wet it with a single drop of water, or if you're like me you put it on right after a shower. You then rub the crystal in your armpit until it becomes kind of hard to rub around. This can take 30-90 seconds per pit. The upside is that it's just salts, no funky chemicals, and a $5 crystal can last up to a year.

    Feel free to repeat stuff you've shared in other threads. Let's get our knitting needles out and turn this into a resource every adult should pay attention to.

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    We've got this homemade baking soda/coconut oil kind of deodorant concoction that works pretty well.

    My preference is still:


    Is now the time to rep brushing one's teeth with baking soda and using a WaterPik?
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    magic crystals you say?

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  4. I watch the Doctors every day. It's mostly bullshit but I keep watching it. I don't know why! The pervy plastic surgeon is my favorite.

    Anyway....thnx for the heads up about the crystal. I don't have any issues with deodorant but my husband has weird skin issues so i'll tell him about it!
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    This is the one I use, found cheaper at CVS or Rite Aid. I like that it's all pink and girly, but the dude flexing his bicep on the picture lets you know it's manly too.

  6. that IS cheap!
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

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    For us terribly pale people, I highly suggest using moisturizer AND sunscreen in the mornings! I also don't mean stupid coppertone sunscreen (though obviously if you're spending a day in the sun you're going to want to use it for your body.) but as far as your face goes, I really suggest picking up:


    I use the yellow one, and it's basically weightless and disappears completely (not like white streaks or anything.) It acts like a moisturizer, and disappears into your skin instantly.....but you still need to use moisturizer before the sunscreen. They just have different properties and stuff. It's confusing!!!

    The gentle cleanser is a great choice btw, and it's fine for bedtime!
    It's funny, because my wife (being Japanese) uses Shiseido products, and she sells them at her store! So should be easy for me to get this kind of stuff.

    Right now, I'm working from home, and often barely go out into the sun, but if I get back to going to the office daily soon (as expected), I'll jump into this. Part I'm confused on, though: what's the order of moisturizer, sunscreen, and make-up? Does the make-up come before or after the other two?
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  8. it goes (I had to write it down so I wouldn't forget at first, when you're doing it all at once, it's like WHAT!!!)

    cleanse>any topical meds>moisturizer>sunscreen>makeup.

    Let any product sink in a little bit before moving onto the next one, like between my acne stuff (ugh) and moisturizer I give it like 5 minutes where I brush my teeth and do other stuff. After moisturizer I wait a few more minutes before putting sunscreen on. but after that you're good to go! straight into makeupland.
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  9. I was straight up coming in here to make this thread. I'll contribute all my hippie shit shortly.

  10. OK. So if you're spending money on specialty soaps and creams and shit you're pissing your money away. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar is basically all you need to keep your body, and your entire house clean. Need a facial moisturizer? Use jojoba oil. Need to lubricate a part of yours, or someone else's body? Use coconut oil. Athletes foot? Coconut oil. Acne? Thyme oil. Wanna wash your hair? Well, you certainly don't need to, but if you want to you can use baking soda and vinegar. Is your counter dirty? Do you need to disinfect? Baking soda and vinegar. You can remove your makeup with honey and/or baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda also figures into making your own laundry detergent. You can do 100 loads of laundry for about $8.

    We have been trained to buy things we don't need because consumerism. We buy soaps to dry our skin, then we buy creams to moisturize it again. We buy 10 different bottles of specialized cleaner when we don't even need to buy one. We use shampoo and conditioner when our bodies regulate that shit naturally. We are so afraid of smelling like humans that we rub aluminum into our armpits (potentially causing breast cancer, and alzheimers) and then add cologne or perfume for fun.

    The amount of money I save not purchasing this shit is nice too.


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