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While on vacation, I went to a place in San Antonio called America's Incredible Pizza Company, which was pretty cool but lacked that classic arcade atmosphere entirely. My kids don't understand what it was like, no matter how I try to explain it. I guess it was something you just had to "be there" for.
Well, if you ever happen to be in the Chicago area, I'd recommend you visit Galloping Ghost. From the visit to the page I made, that Pizza place just looked like a mash up between a Chuck E Cheese and a Dave n Busters, and that's not a good recipe for an arcade experience.

Also, I hope your book makes mention of Bank Panic. That's something I missed in all the times I've ever used MAME until I played it at GG and I find it charming.

While I'm here, I'd like to mention Magician's Dead, since nobody else has. I still have yet to play it online against other players so I don't even know how hectic things can get, but things get busy in a hurry at the earliest stages of play.

It's neat. I'll need to play it more to see if it's justifiable as something I would recommend to others, but the concept is novel at least.