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Thread: Time Crisis 5 (Arcade) Coming in Mid-May to D&B

  1. Grin True Mastermind Edition, 2nd half of the game (stages 4-6).

    Here is a video of stages 4-6 from TC5's True Mastermind edition played from Marc's side (right player). You CAN start a new game from stage 4, if you want. You DO fight Keith but this happens in stage 4. While the traitor IS a VSSE agent, you'll find it's not Keith. OTOH, he knows who it is.

    The last 3 stages seem longer than the first half, taking this player around 13'38 to clear. I think that can be brought down to 10'00 though. The ending sort of leaves the story open to be continued, probably with some extra content to come on a PS4 version.
    Takeshi Miura (TC3/TC4/Razing Storm) is not the BGM composer, but Kaz Nakamura (from the first two TCs and Crisis Zone) is just as welcome.

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  2. Grin Worldwide Launch of the True Mastermind Edition

    TC5 TM Update now available worldwide (Arcade Heroes)

    After appearing in a few select areas, the TC5 TM Update is now getting globally released. Namco is kindly giving kits for free to operators, which comes with a couple of POP cards to place on the machine and a USB jump drive to install the software.

    This more than doubles the length of a full game. Vanilla TC5 could be cleared in 6'40". On Youtube, one player clears TM in 17'22". While not as long as the Nex Entertainment developed TC3 & TC4 (28 mins), it takes things in the right direction and is a bit longer than TC2.

    Edit: Machine gun magazine cap is increased, one player on Youtube has 180 rounds after the first Seeker battle. Probably back up to 200 like in TC3?
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    Finished in 2018: 25 games (AC: 11, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 1)

  3. TC5's True Mastermind Upgrade should be at most if not all D&Bs. I've played it and am happy with it, despite it being roughly TC2's length. HZH has reached 6 million pts. and cleared it in 12'33".

    In stage 1, the difficulty is reduced a bit. Sometimes when the game says "start from left/right cover" it's better to make your own call. TC5 TM allows starting on the other side, with your foot on that pedal before ACTION is heard. So when you get ready to fight the HACS in stage 2 you could come in from the left cover (which wasn't possible on the old TC5).

    I wouldn't mind seeing extra content like this (spoilered because you may not want to read it until you've finished TC5 TM at least once):


    Stage 1) Fight through the forest and end up finding the briefcase.

    Stage 2) Take down more of Wild Dog's men as you head toward the encounter with Robert who would be the boss here. There would be hand-to-hand combat, which could be done like a Crisis event (Robert lands a hit if you fail) or probably like Namco's own Mazan sword-fighting game. Some of Wild Dog's soldiers could even try to ambush you while this goes on. It ends with Marc & Luke getting you to surrender.

    Stage 3) Jumps forward to the ending of TC5 and continues from there. Luke, Marc, & Cathy go along with you. You are on the island and eventually find a boat.

    Stage 4) Take the boat to reach New York, using a mounted MG to knock off attackers. Switch sides to avoid obstacles that would damage the boat on contact, even if you cover.

    Stage 5) In New York, clean up the mess Robert made. More drugged, zombified enemies. Civilian encounters could be in this part but used sparingly ala Razing Storm.

    Stage 6) Final Boss, but DO NOT let it be another VSSE agent turning traitor... come up with a brand new character for this one, similar to Jared Hunter (PS2 Crisis Zone) or Jake Hernandez. (Alicia's main enemy in PS2 TC3)

    Finished in 2018: 25 games (AC: 11, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 1)

  4. A standard version of TC5 appeared at IAAPA 2015. This cabinet does not look too different, but the screens are 42" instead of 55" and it's not 13' wide. So, this will probably show up in smaller arcades such as in movie theaters or amusement parks.

    Finished in 2018: 25 games (AC: 11, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 1)


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