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Thread: Problems with El Gato Capture Device

  1. PC Problems with El Gato Capture Device

    I recently got an El Gato video capture card for analog recording. It's this one:

    I plugged it into my Genesis, Saturn, and NES, and the images are all fuzzy and flickery. The audio is fine. It basically looks like REALLY shitting RF. Someone on Sega-16 said that capture devices won't work properly with anything lower than 480i or 480p. Could that be the problem?

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    I have the Elgato HD and everything looks the way it should, from composite to HDMI. How are you hooking up the consoles to the system? What software does that one use?

    It'll definitely change 240p to 480i and give you all sorts of interlacing BS, but it won't look like that screenshot.
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  3. I'm connecting the console directly to the El Gato and the box to USB. The sound is fine, but the video is horrible.

  4. Personally it's a pain but possible to do Genesis to el gato HD, but I just use the retron 5. When I buy a different scart cable then I'll do Sega CD.

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  5. I tried the card on my work laptop with Windows 7 and it worked fine! Of course, a few days later they made me upgrade to Windows 10, so I have to try again and see if it still works.


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