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Thread: Cover Songs!

  1. I had a Dickies phase when I was a sophomore in hs but I pretty much forgot everything. It'll be fun to look 'em up. ALSO

    I forgot He's a Whore was a cover so here's Big Black covering Cheap Trick:

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    Pentagram covering the Stones:

    Bone covering NWA :

    Mose Giganticus covering Alice Cooper:

    The Clash covering Toots & the Maytals. I love these guitar stabs!:
    I didn't know Police On My Back was a cover till like 3 years ago. I didn't hear the original, awesome as fuck Junior Murvin of Police and Thieves until like 2 weeks ago.

    Mastodon covering Thin Lizzy:

    Mastodon covering Metallica:

    Dex Romweber covering a dude named Roy House. I've never found the original, but I absolutely love this song:

    GG Allin covering MC5:

    Blue Oyster Cult covering MC5:
    Ghost covering Roky Ericson:

    Antiseen covering Skynyrd:

    The Vindictives covering Cindi Lauper covering The Brains:
    This whole record is awesome covers!

    I saw a Screeching Weasel cover band a couple weeks ago and it was rad! It seemed like a rule in the 90's that if you were in a punk band you had to do New Wave covers.
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  3. I love Rage Against The Machine covering Springsteen.

  4. Peter Gabriel covering Peter Gabriel in German! (I know it's a reach, but it's my thread so w/e)
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  6. Moon Talk- Our Lips Are Sealed

    Heard this on a trailer for ABC's The Whispers, the series based on Ray Bradbury's Zero Hour.

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  7. I was browsing Amazon Music at work this morning and found that The Protomen put out a cover album last year. Not all of it is great but I really dig their version of In The Air Tonight.

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    andrew wk put out a gundam cover album

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    Never found it in anything but asstastic quality


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