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Thread: Darius Burst on PS4?

  1. Question Darius Burst on PS4?

    From Shmups Forum, "well informed sources" say that Darius Burst is coming to PS4. Hopefully it'd be DBAC EX and not just a remastered PSP one.

    Quote Originally Posted by trap15
    It comes from a friend who is quite well connected. All I know is it's being worked on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fudoh (topic creator)
    according to well informed sources - - later this year in Japan. Full price DOWNLOAD version plus a possible LE-only retail version through selected retailers or online stores. Official announcement should be happening soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei
    Taito implied they would do something when I emailed them in early September, I just continue to hope its a hard release.
    Dual monitor and Morpheus support with head-tracking would be nice. If this LE-only retail version comes out, I'll Day One that.

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  2. I'd spring for the full price, I've wanted this for a while.

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    This will sell me a PS4. And I will definitely get the LE. DBAC EX is an amazing game.

  4. Full price is too much, but I'd get it during a sale.


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