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Thread: Darius Burst on PS4?

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    Question Darius Burst on PS4?

    From Shmups Forum, "well informed sources" say that Darius Burst is coming to PS4. Hopefully it'd be DBAC EX and not just a remastered PSP one.

    Quote Originally Posted by trap15
    It comes from a friend who is quite well connected. All I know is it's being worked on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fudoh (topic creator)
    according to well informed sources - - later this year in Japan. Full price DOWNLOAD version plus a possible LE-only retail version through selected retailers or online stores. Official announcement should be happening soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei
    Taito implied they would do something when I emailed them in early September, I just continue to hope its a hard release.
    Dual monitor and Morpheus support with head-tracking would be nice. If this LE-only retail version comes out, I'll Day One that.

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  2. I'd spring for the full price, I've wanted this for a while.

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    This will sell me a PS4. And I will definitely get the LE. DBAC EX is an amazing game.

  4. Full price is too much, but I'd get it during a sale.


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