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Thread: Doom (PC, PS4, One, Switch)

  1. I finished the first two stages, I didn't know this is the Super Mario Bros: Doom edition. Other than that I am enjoying it but as Mog said, I am constantly running out of ammo (especially against that spider laser thing) so it is getting annoying. The slayer mission is really intense, I am loving those.

  2. Currently playing through the 2016 Doom after picking up a PS4 to pass time during quarantine shenanigans. It's pretty fucking rad so far.

    Eternal is currently on sale on the PS Store for $15 off. Imma grab that too.

    In related (PS4) but unrelated (not Doom) news, the Shadow of the Colossus HD remake is awesome.

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  3. Eternal is $39.99 at Bestbuy now. They also throw in a steelbook for free if you care about that sort of thing.
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  4. DOOM Eternal is a huge improvement over DOOM on consoles. The PC version is just a slight improvement over DOOM.
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  5. I thought my PS4 controller was busted since it would randomly not run forward like you are stuck on mud. But playing other games, the controller works perfectly. Turns out it is not just my controller or PS4, but a weird programming bug (for a lack of better word) that plagues all versions (for PC pad users) and dated back to 2016 Doom.

    I have to switch to another PS4 controller to continue playing. Other than this hiccup and the platforming, this game is amazing.

  6. I never encountered any issues using a 360 pad with the PC games. I only played about 5 levels on the PS4 version of DOOM 2016.
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  7. I didn't have any issue with the original Doom on my PS4, but this time around, 1 pad developed this issue and wouldn't go away.


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