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Thread: Sega Prints

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    Neat, but not $115 neat.

  3. Agree, they are okay but not worth the asking.

  4. The PS one is so pretty

  5. I see a bit of derpface in the JSR one. Which saddens me greatly.

  6. I like the Phantasy Star and Golden Axe ones. The others, not so much.

  7. these are creepy

    Also was disappoint the main link didn't contain more game posters.

  8. That Phantasy Star one is nice, but I already have a Phantasy Star print and I didn't pay $115 for it.

  9. Asking is too high (For me), I'd only want the PS one though, it's pretty nice.

  10. I suppose this can go here too.

    Officially licensed Sega soundtracks on vinyl are on their way.

    The Streets of Rage soundtrack is said to be fully remastered in collaboration with the original composer, Yuzo Koshiro. Both albums are pressed on 180 gram vinyl and include lithographic prints for each title.


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