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Thread: neo geo x help...because search won't work

  1. neo geo x help...because search won't work

    New thread. Sorry about that. Couldn't find the old one for the life of me.

    So... I lost the AC adapter to my Neo Geo X. Could somebody who owns one please tell me the specs so I can buy a new one?

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    Use a USB cable?
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  3. Doesn't work when you're using the "console"

    I'll try to get to mine tomorrow and let you know.

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    Oh no! If Josh doesn't beat me I'll dig mine out.

  5. It's 5V, 1500mA, center positive.

    It's one of the smaller barrel plugs with a yellow tip.

  6. Is this NGX a worthwhile purchase?

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    Depends? Neo purists tend to hate it, but there is fun to be had, mostly in portable form. I mostly use mine to play Pocket Fighter in a portable these days since I figured out how to get cps2 stuff running on it.

  8. It's a pain in the ass to hack, but I like the joystick that comes with it.

  9. Tell me about cps2!


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