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Thread: Post Editing Issue

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    Post Editing Issue

    Intermittently, when I have gone to edit a post recently it has been blank. The most recent example is the OP in this thread:

  2. Same happens with preview. I always preview my posts! I can't stop previewing! And i have to put [url] [quote] etc back in every time and it's making me cry

  3. Yup, finally had this happen to me today.
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  4. This is happening to me A LOT.

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    It's annoying as shit, especially if you have quotes in your post, because you can't just recopy those.

  6. I'm on it.

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    Thanks, Nick! I don't suppose it's nearby where you can fix the editing older thread titles?

  8. Also: On mobile: editing a post and having your post get deleted instead. It's happened to me a lot. It looks like I'm rage-deleting posts.

  9. Yup, the blank edit thing is happening to me here and there as well.

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  10. Also happens when clicking "go advanced"
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