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Thread: "Collecting" Hang-Ups

  1. Fucking neo geo CD man.
    I sold my metal slugs and pulstar 1 1/2- 2 years ago for around what they had cost me several years previous. Now I want them back and I can't touch any of it for much less than double.

  2. "Collecting" Hang-Ups

    I definitely agree. I think it's kind of weird to buy games that you aren't going to play, but because you want to put them into a shelf just to say you have them. It totally goes against what games are supposed to be - entertainment, not items - and after a few times moving, you get over that stupid obsession of having large libraries of stuff pretty quick.

    So yeah, I'm kind of against this whole collec...

    ...err, hmm.
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  3. I was going to defend that collection until I saw Tony Hawk.

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    No, definitely, there's a dichotomy to this whole thing. Like, I feel that you have more than paid your dues and are allowed to have that stuff, you know? Like I don't question your intentions or your passion so it doesn't bother me in the slightest that you have a lot of stuff. I think we all have a lot of stuff and that's ok, but sometimes I see some of the people who have come out of this retro fad and I don't feel like what they do is ok. I know it's more of a problem with me than with them but I can't seem to get over it.

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  5. My feeling doesn't go so far as "you haven't earned the right to own that stuff!"
    These jerks can buy every copy of Madden or Barney they want. It's just the attitude of "look what I spent my dollars on, aren't I cool?" that annoys the fuck out of me. As well as the audacity to think anyone cares that you found a copy of Carnival Games at a garage sale for $1.
    Find a Suikoden 2 for $1? Go ahead and make a brag video, that's kinda note worthy. But bottom tier shovelware? Go fuck yourself. You should be embarrassed of that crap.

    Thank God there was no youtube during the 90s comic craze. I couldn't bare to go through this shit twice in my life.

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    well, at least you aren't testing gamer girls on if they are true gamers

  7. they're girls, they already failed the gamer test.

  8. I used to collect. Then I got a personality and no longer had to buy my identity. But when I was an insecure weirdo twelve years ago, buying stuff and making that stuff part of who I was just so I'd have some distinguishing characteristic was pretty comforting. The drive to collect is inversely proportional to my confidence.

    I'm not saying all collectors are compensating for insecurity and trying to cultivate an identity, but you can tell that some of the people in those videos are very sad.
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  9. I am passively buying games that I wish I had but didn't.... mostly Gamecube games such as Mario sunshine. Another one is the Lost Kingdoms, I wish I had followed GC more closely and I would have bought them since FROM made them. I have always enjoyed FROM during PS1 days (Armored Core and King's Field).

  10. To be a bit more serious, I'm not going to tell anyone what they can or can't do with their money or game libraries, but I'm not really a fan of the collector mentality for the most part. Yes, I still have it for the DS—I admit that—but that's really the only platform I allow myself to do that with.

    I used to totally be the collector type, on a smaller scale. Had a crazy Turbo collection, had (or still have, really, in storage) a crazy Dreamcast collection, had decently-sized library for other things where at times I'd buy games more just to have them versus wanted to play them. The thing that's always gotten me in that regard is the more niche, harder-to-find, or weird stuff. "Man, I really need a copy of this crazy PSP physical release, because who knows if I'll ever be able to get it again in the future! And I need to support them releasing it! And it's just cool!" Thoughts like those. I still have a number of PS2 titles like that were I don't know that I really want or need them around anymore, but I also think that maybe it's better to just keep them than dump them for a cheap price, or incase someday, out of the blue, I suddenly want to play it. (That's been the hard thing for me to get past—a slight bit of that "what if I need it someday" hoarder mentality.)

    I wish, for example, there was an option for us to all have transporters or something, and we could have this shared physical TNL library where I could donate my games to it, know they'll be put to good use, but also know they'll be there should I ever want to play them someday. I don't need them sitting on a shelf looking cool, I just appreciate that access. A good part about that, though, is that I've been able to move a lot of stuff over to the digital side. I've really cut down my PS3 library by picking up the games on sale cheap through PSN, meaning I no longer need a physical copy taking up space.

    I think what really made me bad for a while was doing the anime stuff for GameFan. That was the heyday of anime in the States, so companies would just fill boxes with retail copies and send them my way. At one point, I had 700+ VHS tapes in my possession, which produced that sense of awe when looking at the shelf after shelf after shelf of options I had. There's a really bizarre sense of pride you have in something like that, but then moving all of that garbage totally soured me. I realized how stupid I felt having stuff like that just to show them off on a shelf, so that was the point where I started being able to get away from the collecting mentality.

    Another part of what helped me, I think, was the time I spent living in Japan. When you're existing in a tiny room with barely any material goods, and you realize your life can be just as enjoyable or even more so without all of that clutter around you, it makes you think. Not that I don't own stuff at this point, because I do, but I don't fill my life with it nearly as much as I used to.

    DS / pink + white portables are my exception. I think, if you allow yourself to have an exception like that, and not totally cut yourself off from the bad habits you used to have, it helps you keep those feelings and desires at bay.

    But, yeah—the people who do it to be cool. There's different sides to it, I think. If you've got someone who is going around, hunting things down, making it into kind of an adventure, I don't know. They may or may not be doing it truly for the passion of gaming, but at least there's doing something fun with it. The people who just shell out tons of money through eBay or other online shops or whatnot and buy their way to a collection, am I supposed to be impressed? Anybody with money and enough time can do that.

    Oh, and Tony Hawk on DS was awesome, so shut up SSJN.
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    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.


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