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Thread: Windows 8.1 Windows Installer issue

  1. Windows 8.1 Windows Installer issue

    I aborted an install of something and now when I try to install it again (even after a reboot), it tells me that Setup is already running and then aborts. I think I got something stuck. Anyone ever have this and fix it? It won't let me disable the service, I can stop and start it but that isn't helping.

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  2. Are you still booting from the install media, or letting the computer boot from the hard HDD/SSD?

  3. from the HD

  4. You need to boot from the install media to fix it.

  5. so just so we are on the same page

    I wasn't trying to set up Windows, I was installing a stalled so I hard aborted it

    The only thing I can see online is to maybe disable Windows Installer service, reboot and then rerun (as opposed to just restarting the service)

  6. I totally read that as installing windows. Can you get to the windows boot menu or advanced start-up menu?
    You might have to repair windows, or at least use system restore.


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