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Thread: Monster Hunter X (cross) aka Monster Hunter Generations

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    Points from the Gaijin Hunter video of the scans:

    The weapon classes have just ONE super attack each.

    PLAYSTYLE 1: Aerial combat. High jumps

    PLAYSTYLE 2: Default combat. If you don't want any of the flashy stuff this is the best one.

    PLAYSTYLE 3: Ultra combat. This is the best one if you want to utilise your playstyle around your super attacks.

    PLAYSTYLE 4: Counterattack combat. Probably the best style for weapons that rely on evasion or guarding.

    Focus is to find a style that suits you, or no style if you don't want to change the way you play.
    4 flagship monsters, no name so far.

    Carnotaurus is a fanged beast, NOT a brute wyvern. This might change, it seems odd that he isn't a brute... He sharpens his tail in his mouth to make it stronger, and spits fireballs.

    Green electric dragonfly. Can bite his tail and change its characteristics.

    Popodrome. Another fanged beast, and massive in size, may possibly bounce on the head, his trunk has spikes in it which might help to fling rocks or snow. Uses his entire body as a weapon.

    Pink bubbly leviathan. Meant to be an elegant monster, also has very long, curved claws which may have unique uses. Looks like you get bubble blight.

    Felyne support is back.

    You will unlock the towns from MH1, MHFU and MHP3rd. Probably as the story progresses like in MH4U with Harth, Cheeko Sands and Cathar.

    New prehistoric type area which will be the natural habitat of the Carnotaurus. Looks gorgeous. Looks like new items will be in the game.

    It will be released for ALL 3DS, in Japan Winter 2015.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBNagis View Post
    It will be released for ALL 3DS, in Japan Winter 2015.
    Interesting. I guess it's up to Nintendo to justify the *new* upgrade.

  3. I still doubt there'll be any other exclusive games for the New 3DS. Who would agree to a drop in sales like that?

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    Basically no one but Atlus and Capcom even make third party games for it.

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    Correction. every weapon has super moves. and there are multiple super moves per weapon. not 1 per. you after you choose your weapon you than choose your style and you super move if you're ot playing basic style

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    Narga is at the 22min mark.

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    Weapon Demos for your FUCKING FACE!!!

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