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Thread: Monster Hunter X (cross) aka Monster Hunter Generations

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    It looks interesting, but I think.Bushido will be more rewarding

  2. Well, striker style seems really good with Great Sword. Seems to lose strong (curled) charge and strong sweep (the strong charge followup). But it keeps charge and draw into

    That'll be the common refrain with striker style I'd imagine. Some weapons will get hit far harder than others. Hammer losing golf swing is huge, GS losing those two...not so much.

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    Yeah.I Use hammer and never touch gs. That's that's big for me. And I think db loses arch demon. I'll pass on striker

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    SnS and DB full trailer.
    Bushido Style and Second Hunter Art (Super).
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    GS and LS
    Bushido Style and Second Hunter Arts (Super)

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    Hammer and Hunting Horn.

  7. That SnS Shoryuken super. And Bushido just evade move is the leaping slash+normal air slash followup. So good.

    ...and those new SnS exclusive weapon coatings, too...

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    Lance and Funlance

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    Insect Glaive and LBG. holy shit the LBG is basically gunslinger from dmc

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    Final showcase.

    HBG and Bow.


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