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Thread: The Legend of Legacy (3DS), spiritual successor to SaGa series by ex-Square vets

  1. Hey!

    This is really fun! Played through the demo using Filmia (of course) and Eloise so far. It's more intuitive and not as chaotic as SaGa, which will hopefully give it a bit more mainstream appeal. Weirdly, I prefer the look of this game to Bravely Default. Awesome soundtrack, too.

  2. I'll be honest. I may buy this entirely on account of that frog.

  3. That would be an acceptable reason to buy it, I think.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by No One View Post

    This is really fun! Played through the demo using Filmia (of course) and Eloise so far. It's more intuitive and not as chaotic as SaGa, which will hopefully give it a bit more mainstream appeal. Weirdly, I prefer the look of this game to Bravely Default. Awesome soundtrack, too.
    I like it quite a bit as well, having put 6 hours or so into the demo. After a while, felt like I was getting the hang of things with elemental contracts, understanding stat categories, and learning skills/magic. Rather vague, but I found it fun to play around with and to develop the characters. Granted I've never played a SaGa game before, I always wanted to - especially the SaGa Frontier games, hopefully they join the PS1 Classics on the PS Store eventually.

    I mentioned earlier that healing a character with no HP brings them back to life, but I then discovered that it comes at the cost of a slight reduction in total HP until fully recovered at the inn and/or other options in the game proper. Seems like the game is full of interesting stuff like that, and agreed on the soundtrack. I'm definitely looking to playing this game eventually.

  5. Demo turned me off. Not feeling it.

    It's all squeeze, no juice. I don't hate the grind, but this is too much. In a season that's giving us TitS 2, Trails of Cold Steel, Fallout 4, and a new Paper Mario, I just can't justify this. I'll delete the demo and move on with my life.

    This might be a major turning point for me. A younger Andrew would have bought this with the best of intentions, and thrown it on the Pile of Shame, never to be heard from again. But now that I've reached a point where my pile and 1-2 new releases per year are enough to carry me to retirement age (if I'm exaggerating, it's not much)... I just have to say no to mediocrity.
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  6. I probably buy about 4-5 games a year. Depends on my work schedule. I watch a good bit of twitch to get a fix on a game I know I'll never buy, but have an interest in. Scratches the itch.
    Boo, Hiss.

  7. They could've called it SaGa lite and it would've been accurate. The way you react to that is a good measure of how much you'll like it. There's a lot going on but the game doesn't tell you and really doesn't care if you know or not. There's very little story or character development, there are rules you'll never know unless you're paying really close attention. You're there to make maps and spark skills. It's not for everyone or even more than a very small audience but it's one of my favorite games this year.

    This is probably good The battle system is cool but some battles take way too long.
    Turns out i didn't know how to play it! If the battle takes way too long you're either in over your head and need to run away or you're not doing it right. I imagine this will be the case for most people playing it because the game doesn't explain much and really just expects you to pay attention.

    Also Quick Save is R+X, you're going to use that over and over if you like the game enough to keep going.

  8. It's very SaGa. I was turned off for a short bit because I lost like an hour of progress due to a random monster suddenly gaining the ability to counterattack one-shot everyone in my group in the middle of a fight and lost a bunch of randomly-gained abilities, including one that I had used to destroy a boss. So I grinded for a while and still didn't gain back that awesome move, though I did get a bunch of other stuff. Just need to keep plugging away with those attacks and hope I get that boss killer back.

  9. #49
    This has me totally hooked. Curious, though, as I'm getting my ass handed to me in the Archwing Lair: is it necessary to rotate party members? I have the crew I want (the knight girl, the bounty hunter with the Cloud sword, and, of course, the frog!) and would prefer to stick with them, but it looked like the frog was mvp in the forest levels but isn't so good in the desert. Is it just I need to keep grinding new skills, or just have the wrong dudes for the job?

    Despite having owned the 3 SFC games for years, I've never really played a SaGa game before except Saga Frontier 2, which I never really could get to take hold. But I understand is a fairly different game and not really representative of the rest of the series? So if I like Legend of Legacy, what SaGa game should I get on board with?
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  10. Nah, you probably don't want to switch members in and out. Just keep 3 an stick with them. There really isn't that much grinding needed, but there are a lot of things that aren't well explained. Send ships out for better armor (even without streetpass), learn the magic benefits (that's the big one). If you've explored everything and run into a wall where you have to grind there's probably something you're missing. There is a lot of running in, getting your ass kicked, running out to regroup, running back in, etc, i don't know if you'd consider that grinding or not. You shouldn't have to be fighting anything that's a pushover to progress. Also quicksave all the time.

    If you like this one, try the remakes of SaGa 2 and 3 on DS (they're both fan translated) and the Romancing SaGa remake on PS2.


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