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Thread: Tales of Zestiria (PC, PS3/4)

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    Tales of Zestiria (PC, PS3/4)

    I can relate to this:

    Quote Originally Posted by PCGamer
    Namco Bandai Namco has announced that, not only is Tales of Zestiria getting a Western release, but that it will also arrive on Steam. Woohoo? I'll admit, I'm not familiar with the Tales series, but this announcement seems to be making the people who like This Sort Of Thing pretty happy.

    I was going to make a joke about Tales of Zestiria being set in a fictional world of lemon people, but then I looked at Wikipedia and saw that the game's name does in fact refer "to the 'zest' of the main characters." Once again, JRPGs prove beyond parody.

  2. PC Gamer doesn't understand the ani may.

  3. Glad this is getting a PS4 release at launch after all. I have low expectations as far as new-gen enhancements go, but I don't want to have to juggle systems and besides we all knew it would happen eventually so I'm glad it's not some stupid Taeles of Zestiria F I'd have to re-buy 6 months later.

  4. Don't know if I'll play it, but very cool to see!


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