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Thread: 3rd person shooter games for 360

  1. 3rd person shooter games for 360

    A friend just got a 360 and cant get down with first person stuff. I didn't pay much attention to this sort of thing and he's asking for recs. I told him about Vanquish, Warhammer, the gears games, and that about it. What else would you recommend that's not too difficult, or has lengthy stealth sections? Not too much of a skill gap would be appreciated as well, but not super required. He hasn't really played games since PS2.
    Boo, Hiss.

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  3. Lost Planet, pretty good action game on a frozen planet. I really liked the sequel as well but it has a heavy co-op aspect and I don't know how active that still is (probably not at all).

    Max Payne 3, great times as long as you're cool with a drunken guy rambling the entire game.

    Wet, not really amazing or anything but a fun little action game that's often overlooked.

  4. Splinter Cell Conviction if you want to be a sneaky Jack Bauer

    Dead Space if you're into scary stuff.

    Binary Domain if you want more Gears.

    Tomb Raider if you want some Uncharted-ish exploration.

    Mass Effect Trilogy if you want Star Wars/Trek with some light RPG stuff thrown in.

    Max Payne 3 if you want slow-mo.

    Red Dead Redemption if you want an open world.

  5. Just Cause 2 if you like fun.

  6. The Club is not hard and not for everyone but it's a cool little score-based game.

    I forget which of the EDFs is better.

    Alan Wake is pretty cool, not much of a shooter, but it's not really a stealthy game

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    Most have been covered but I also liked Stranglehold and Shadows of the Damned. The latter is close to a Resident Evil 4 type game but I don't remember anything difficult to figure out.

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    Edit: I know that we both might seem like we're joking, but we're not. BOTS is incredible.

  9. warhammer space marine.
    spec ops the line
    and for the $1 it will probably cost: Dark Sector.

  10. Eight replies and Shadows of the Damned mentioned before VANQUISH. Where am I.


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