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Thread: Dishonored 2 (PC, PS4, One)

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    Dishonored 2 (PC, PS4, One)

    This one is pretty clearly a ways off, maybe even holiday 2016.

  2. They said Spring 2016. So a little ways, but not too far considering how early games get announced these days.

    I can't say too much from a cinematic trailer, but I loved the first game (not to mention Arkane's earlier games) and I'm happy this is coming, if not especially surprised. There's major potential here.

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    Doom was spring 2016. I didn't hear a timeframe for this at all.

  4. They said it on the post game with Webb and Freakboy.

  5. It will probably get pushed back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error View Post
    They said it on the post game with Webb and Freakboy.
    Ah, thank you for saving me from watching that.

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    I wondered if that was Emily when I first saw the feet, glad to see she's picking up where Corvo left off. Cinematic trailer and all, but this looks sick and I am totally stoked for it, was just playing the original again this morning.

  8. November 11. I was sure this one would slip to 2017 given the media blackout since the first (pre-rendered) trailer. Glad to hear it's still on schedule.

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  10. Yuuuuup. I mean no surprise here, but that looks like exactly what I was hoping for.


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