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Thread: Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC, PS4, One)

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    There is nothing fundamentally wrong with games on Origin akin to UWP garbage on the Windows 10 store. I certainly would buy something on Origin over a console version.

  2. Thanks, might as well try it. The PS4 demo went on forever, couldn't believe how long you can play and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Can't believe the overblown criticism when this first came out.

  3. The critisism is a bit much but the game is not done. Or at least it wasn't when it launched. There are parts of it that are very Mass Effect and there were parts that clearly weren't. It's an all new cast of characters, and many people just didn't care about them. Plus one of the only ways you find out about the supporting cast is to take them driving on the planets with other characters. Sorta like on the elevator in part 1.

    The game calls back to Mass Effect 1 in a lot of ways and I think many people just figured we should be beyond that point by now, gameplay wise.

    I enjoyed the game, but it was a clear step down.

  4. I've gotten over the Nomad's lack of a mounted gun. IMO the Mako's cannon fire is a bit OP in ME1. Getting out and dealing with the enemies personally is where it's at, anyway. Hovering has me hooked- when an enemy is taking cover, it can sometimes open him up to your fire. Combat does more for me here than in the original trilogy. There's even some fun bits of platforming in here as well, where the Evade action is useful to cover that last bit of distance on a jump. One weapon that did disappoint me is the Cyclone AR. I'm not a fan of its long spin-up time.

    While the Reapers come across as even more evil, the Kett are still a decent enemy with a couple of nasty secrets. I like the Angara as well, with its Resistance and Roekaar factions. While I can understand the Geth being gone, there is sadly no trace of the Quarians AFAIK. The bantering between your squadmates in the Nomad can get hilarious at times.

    One thing from ME1 that doesn't carry over, thankfully, is that some areas look too samey. I could swear I had seen a few recycled areas (yes, exact layout) in that one. It's sad they put the series on ice, but hopefully it can come back with a bang.

    Origin is just fine. Like Steam, it has gotten better over the years. I'm glad I got the PC version, so I can use 1440p and have a constant 60 FPS. The only time I'd ever go with UWP is if the game's PC version is exclusive to it like Gears of War 4. That said, I'd rather see a game use Denuvo Anti-tamper (which MEA once used, but not anymore) before UWP. Take Kaldaien's Special K mod, with variants such as FAR (Fix Automata Resolution, for Nier Automata). Denuvo allows it, but IDK if a similar mod would fly with a UWP game.

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    Ive been going through it. and i must say i really like it. some of the Nomad dialog as was mentioned can get pretty good. especially the peebee and jaal stuff.
    I love the combat. i love biotic charge into nova. i wish there were more new races. 2 just isn't enough. and the same animal threats on every world is a littl annoying also. but other than that im enjoying it. a lot of shit to do.
    I have my ryder being a bit of a smart ass and its enjoyable. kind of glad there is no more renegade paragon. I hope they continue it. ive about some serious loose ends that occur.

  6. Late to the Party but the Xbox One version was like $7 at a local game store and the internet leads me to believe they did a lot of updates and fixed the most glaring issues.

    Overall, like an hour in, this feels like the Halo ODT of Mass Effect. I loved the first 3 games so the aesthetic and general gameplay mechanics might be enough to keep me invested until the end, but we'll see.

    One thing that really stands out to me is how TERRIBLE the facial animations are even after all those updates. Especially when compared to the environments, which so far have been phenomenal.
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