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Thread: Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC, PS4, One)

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    There's a lot more winter early in 2017 than late.

  2. This looks so tight.

  3. Anyone else here picking this up at launch next month? I'm probably going with PC thanks to an uncapped framerate and gamepad support out of the box (fucking finally), I'm just hoping the multiplayer base is strong and doesn't turn into an unplayable wasteland of cheaters like The Division and Xenoverse 1&2.

  4. After the shit time I had with the PS3 version of the original trilogy (stability wise, loved the games), I swore I'd never give Bioware another dollar.
    So I'll be playing it on whatever version gets traded in first.
    And if they do some derpy shit like make playing online mandatory to get the best ending like they did in 3, they can really go fuck themselves.

  5. Never played the PS3 versions, but aside from charge > game boundaries of the first game I don't recall having any major issues with the 360 versions.

  6. No. It looks good but I have tons of RPGs and I want to play through some of them.

    When I do buy it will probably be for PS4 just because I have a Pro.

  7. Like a bunch of Bethesda games, the PS3 ports of Bioware's shit is riddled with bugs that no one ever felt like patching, despite being potentially game breaking from day 1.
    I experienced the most trouble with ME3, the worst of which was when it autosaved and loaded the next level at the same time and froze. When I restarted the game, my saves were all corrupt and I was less than 2 hours from beating it.

  8. I don't think I knew that Bethesda did the porting, seems odd.

  9. ...
    That's not what I said.

  10. I blame the Nyquil.


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