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Thread: Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC, PS4, One)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Like a bunch of Bethesda games, the PS3 ports of Bioware's shit is riddled with bugs that no one ever felt like patching, despite being potentially game breaking from day 1.
    I experienced the most trouble with ME3, the worst of which was when it autosaved and loaded the next level at the same time and froze. When I restarted the game, my saves were all corrupt and I was less than 2 hours from beating it.
    That's got to be some real shit. I'm 91 hours in on the PC version and pray this doesn't happen. I'm nearly at the point of no return but have a couple things I'd like to take care of at the Armax Arena.
    In ME 3, you no longer have to play online to get the best ending- Bioware lowered the EMS requirement with the Extended Cut DLC.

    I'll buy Andromeda for PC on Day One. ME3 is good, and this looks even better with improved control. I don't think you'll need to do multiplayer in MEA to get the best ending.

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  2. It would be nice if the PC version has controller support. I'd like to be able to kick back on the couch while playing the game.

  3. It does.

  4. Trial is up for Xbox. You may need EA Access.
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  5. Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC, PS4, One)

    From what I have seen this game looks sloppy and buggy as hell. The faces look atrocious and the VA/writing is master of unlocking tier.

    Previews have ranged from cautiously optimistic to savage. Not a good sign. I want to play a good Mass Effect, I don't think this is it.
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  6. I'll try it tomorrow. The 40 gig download is going to take awhile. I know nothing about this game. I haven't read or watched anything since the reveal trailer.
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  7. I've done media blackout so this might be atrocious, I don't know. I'm at least hoping the multiplayer is as good as ME3's.

  8. Not to be in total defense mode but there's plenty of that stuff from the other titles. I didn't get much of it in my playthroughs (aside from a few nasty ones in ME3 like where a wall never appeared in one level so I'd fall through the world if I tried to take cover there), but maybe this will be the time I get really fucked.

  9. I'm not worried about buggy. I am worried about lame story and bad writing.


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