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Thread: No Man's Sky

  1. Remember when people were wondering how you could do base-building in a game about exploration? I'm actually pretty impressed with how they figured out making both work.

  2. The new update is another good step on making this the game that people were expecting. I trashed my old save and started over, and while I don't know how far I'll get in pursuing the new quest or building back to my previous levels it's feeling pretty good. It's nice to see the drama finally dead at long last, too. It's still a walking tour of the universe, but between people finally getting used to this being what No Man's Sky is and the major updates the game finally seems to be what should have been the launch version.

  3. I've enjoyed the game very much, but there are still some elemental design flaws that irk me. It's incredible that such basic shit hasn't been addressed.

    • You can't escape combat. Once a battle has started, it's kill or be killed. Your warp drive suddenly goes offline for no reason, and the only thing you can do is flee at impulse speed to the nearest planet and land to make your attackers leave. It makes no sense at all that you can't flee a fight if it's going badly.
    • Base construction has limits. Why give me all these decorations and more blueprints than I can shake a dead cat at if you're going to impose construction limits?
    • You can't warp between your freighter and your base. I can warp home from a system two black holes away, but I can't warp to my freighter that's in orbit. Dumb.
    • You can only have one base. I would love to have established bases throughout the galaxy. One for farming, one for resources hoarding, etc. You can only have one, which sucks.

    The pros now outweigh the cons, I think, but there's still a lot of room for improvement.


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