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Thread: No Man's Sky

  1. I left my day off as Tuesday because, while the web site said Friday for the PC version, Steam said otherwise. 50/50 chance one of the two was right and I guessed wrong. Oh well, Tuesday is a work day again and now I'm hoping for Friday off, but it's not the end of the world if that doesn't happen.

  2. So this game is out tomorrow for the PS4 and I'm almost crawling up the walls to play it. I'm avoiding all streams and such because I want it all to be as new as possible. I wonder if the guy at Walmart is going to laugh when I'm there waiting for him to open the store.

  3. I have off on Friday and I hope the game is decent because I would like to give it a go on my PC.

  4. I've been on media blackout for so long. It's kind of weird, there are streams all over the place but I have no interest in watching them. Usually I'd have trouble not spoiling myself in a situation like this.

    I just need to focus on finishing my work this week so I can enjoy it on the weekend.

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    Yeah I haven't looked up anything about this game but it seems like it could be really cool. I'll wait for your reactions before diving in. Use the damn spoiler tags ok?
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  6. nope

  7. I have it downloaded, but I'm far too tired and a bit sick to get anywhere tonight.
    Boo, Hiss.

  8. I have no godamned will power, I went and bought digital. Downloading now.

  9. Played an hour: Fixed my ship, discovered 3 planets and 2 settlements.
    Boo, Hiss.

  10. Ya, that's about my experience too. With the added bonus of getting lost in a cave for half an hour. Here is your non spoiler tip for the day. Stay away from caves early on unless you are Indiana Jones or some shit.


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