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Thread: Yo-Kai Watch (3DS)

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    Yo-Kai Watch (3DS)

    Apparently this is near-Pokemon huge in Japan.

  2. This is occasionally past Pokemon huge in Japan. Like McDonalds had a Pokemon calendar every year since the beginning of time but last year they had Yokai Watch. The last Pokémon barely outpaced it, but it really looked like Yokai Watch 2 was going to sell more.

    The game is cool. The yokai interact with humans more than Pokemon, except most people can't see them, like there's a yokai that make your parents fight, and there's a yokai that's a middle aged man crossed with a dog that's a drunk and a lecher who gets arrested and-
    i don't think that'll be in the US version.
    The worst thing about Yokai Watch is Level-5's insistence of running everything into the ground, but it'll be really cool until it's selling less than 30,000 copies because everyone's so tired of it.

  3. Yo-kai Watch demo coming October 22nd. Interested to check this out.

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    The monster designs are refreshing after so many iterations of Pokemon.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Geo View Post
    Yo-kai Watch demo coming October 22nd. Interested to check this out.
    I like how many people are freaking out over the use of comic sans in the burger sign in the background.
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  6. i didn't even see that. That blue against that red too, *phew*.

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    Did anyone get this? I'm debating getting it for my daughter for Christmas. She finished and liked the demo, so I'd be curious if it stays true to that.

  8. You know the only person that probably got it is, of course, going to say it's great.

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    Good point

  10. I've played only 3 hours so far, but my '140 characters or less' sum-up was:

    "[I]f it were an anime, it'd be One Piece to Pokemon's Naruto. If that makes sense."

    Or in a more direct way - this feels way more like a Monster Rancher or Digimon than the definitive 'Pokemon killer' it is in Japan. The character designs are goofy and interesting, but just skewed enough away from being good in a streamlined/mainstream/generic way that it gets some extra charm points, while being totally understandable if its look turns off some folks.

    The gameplay is more simple and complicated than Pokemon. Combat is automatically handled, while you're in charge of healing, specials, targeting, moving team members in and out, as well as removing debuffs. There are also random moving spirits in fights that can be targeted for in-combat bonuses and buffs. So while generic combat is purely automated, the game isn't simpler - you just have attention focused on everything happening around general combat.

    Also, much to Yoshi's joy, supers and removing debuffs include small touch screen minigames! Which is fine, whatever - but there are only about 4-5 types, so they get recycled fast. Plus, they are completely random - so say, removing poison isn't the same minigame every time.

    The strategy around combat is based on elements and 'tribes.' The former is what you'd expect in an RPG - water beats fire, etc. - but the latter is a little interesting. You have tribes that yokai belong to, and having more of the same tribe in an active lineup gives bonuses like extra damage, speed, and whatnot. Plus I think certain tribes beat others? So it's like an elemental system on top of the elemental system.

    It is nice that the game let's you save anywhere in the main maps, but provides save points where HP/spirit is filled up, and offers those inside dungeons as well. It's also nice that there are no random encounters - either yokai are aggro and come for you, or you have to 'discover' them by looking under cars, up trees, in the it's an elective process.

    The game has a hell of a lot of polish, but it's totally a kid's game at heart, and feels like it has the soul of a Good/Bad game while remaining a very good game. I think this only because for all its quirks, it could be set apart from other games in both good and bad ways. It's visual design is different, but can be offputting. Its gameplay is fresh, but a little unwieldy when you're first learning the ropes. It's story is generic animu 'you're only one who can do this' but twists the tropes by offering up 'spirits make everything happen in the real world.' It feels more Monster Rancher than Pokemon. More Fantasy Life than Dragon Quest. It's the quirky 'other' alternative to the largely safe, reliable, popular Pokemon.

    It's the 3DS' One Piece to Pokemon's Naruto. If that makes sense.
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