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Thread: NieR: Automata (PS4) Yoko Tuttaro x Platinum

  1. NieR: Automata (PS4) Yoko Tuttaro x Platinum

    I don't know how this got greenlit, but here we are. When "YOKO TARO" appeared on the screen i started screaming so loud that i missed that the music was Song of the Ancients and when "NieR" appeared on the screen i was losing my shit. This was the E3 announcement for me, especially since it'll likely be an actual good game instead of something i really like but have to explain why to everyone else.

    Also the way Square Enix revealed it in the middle of the most boring business meeting ever was amazing and having Yoko Taro walking in going full Yoko Taro as if it was a normal thing to do was perfect.

    And the awful audience not even reacting

    even that was perfect

    they would've had to drag me out

    Despite Square Enix's love of introducing things before they're underway, this is already being worked on and Taro and Platinum don't seem to drag things out horribly like stupid Nomura so hopefully we'll see it sooner than later!

    from the jp site

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  2. That this thread even exists is beautiful.
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  3. I think the last time I was that excited about a video game, I'd just found the last copy of Chrono Trigger at Electronics Boutique the day it came out.

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    *squeals like an 8 year old on fire*

    Finch! OMG omg omg

  5. IP, you didn't see the reveal? It was AMAZING.

  6. best reaction video
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  7. I don't know who that guy is, but anyone getting that excited about a new NieR is okay in my talking book.

  8. This was the most exciting new thing announced for me too! Only concern is it being designed at Platinum.. I hope that doesn't make it MUCH more action-focused than the first one.

    Also kind of enjoy the current title "NieR (indecipherable gibberish)".
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  9. Yeah, Nier was easily the best left-field announcement this year, hands down. If I'd seen it on a leaked Square-Enix games roster I'd have known the list was fake just by its inclusion. Yoko Taro coming out in the mask was the best stage moment I saw, actually overshadowing nervous yarn-game guy.

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    I feel bad for people that didn't play Neir at release. It is delicious hidden cake. And the hype ruins a bit of that.


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