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Thread: NieR: Automata (PS4) Yoko Tuttaro x Platinum

  1. Everyone loves NieR, huh? I never really thought twice about that game (didn't play it either). I remember it getting kind of mixed reviews and then never hearing the name again. I'm kind of surprised to see how excited people are for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    I never really thought twice about that game

    (didn't play it either).
    there you go.

    It is probably the best good/bad game of the past generation. Or at least, the best good/bad jrpg.

    If that interest you, go play it now, don't read anything about it. It is very much 'secret cake' and if you know the cool stuff coming, it will totally ruin the game for you. The special things aren't so special if you are expecting the second coming of mario.

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    Nier's great. Its shitty parts are optional content.

    It's weird seeing Platinum on the new game but they're practically the only Japanese console game developer left.

  4. Plus, NieR had to be the least likely cavia IP to get a sequel by Platinum. Winback, Drakengard, and Bullet Witch all seem more readily adaptable to Platinum's style. Everything about this is weird.
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  5. Oh man, a Platinum Bullet Witch...

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    *gett'n a little hard just thinking about it*

  7. Didn't Nier come out on both systems but was a completely different game on each or am I thinking of the wrong game?

  8. It was different in Japan. In the US, we only got one version that was ported to the other system. (I think we only got the PS3 version on both systems, but I could be wrong.)

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    I think xbox 360 got the dad (manly man) version while the jp ps3 got the son (pretty boy) version.

    We got the dad version on both systems. Not a huge loss. The motives of the father seem more realistic than the motives of the brother (from what I've read).

  10. Let's take a moment to remember this awesome trailer and wonder why so few people were excited about it again.

    If they can give me a trailer for the new one this good, that might even be enough. Just thought about this, but now a prettier Nier remake is also a possibility!

    And I really hope they keep the "bullet hell" aspect and flesh it out more, but not holding my breath.
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